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Product Name:
Aluminized Fireman Suit CCS approved.

Product Information:

Aluminized Fireman Suit (Heat Insulation Suit)

The DTXF heat insulation suit for fire fighting is made with a flame-resisting fabric and an aluminum plated film compound material and no asbestos.

It consists of jacket, pants, gloves, hood and foot cover and posses light weight, high strength, flame-resisting heat.

It can effective protect the fire-fighter and the operator who working at high temperature place from flame and high temperature and meets the regulation of the standard for the performance and test method of heat insulation suit for fire-fighting.

The raise of inner temperature of the suit is not higher than 25 Degree Celsius after it is shined 30 seconds by a 10kw/m heat radiator.

The suit is certificated by CCS.
Material Properties of the ClothIndex
Tearing strength>= 32N
Stripping strengthN/30 mm>= 9N
Length of flame retarded carbon2s<= 100 mm
Waterproof properties>= 4000Pa

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