Firefighting Equipment
   Fireman Outfit
   Chemical Protective Suit
   Fire Blanket
   Fire Hose and Accessories
   Fire Hydrant Valve
   Fire Monitor
   Foam Applicator
   International Shore Connection
   Fire Extinguisher
Lifesaving Equipment
   Lifejacket and accessories
   Life Buoy and accessories
   Immersion Suit
   Life Raft and accessories
   Lifeboat Supplies
General Deck Items
   Rope Ladder
   Pilot Ladder Yellow Magnet
   Net Products
   Gangway Ladder
   Scupper Plug
   Sacrificial Anode
   Rope Netted Fender
Nautical Equipment
   Signal Bell and Gong
   Handhold Marine Radio
   Marine Clock
   Baro Thermo Hygro meter
   Clino Meter
   Azimuch Circle
   Nautical Sextants
   Rulers Triangles
   Flag Hook and block
   Recording Papers
   Day Shape Signals
   Hand Operated Siren
Marine Tools
   Pneumatic Jet Chisel
   Blower and Fans
   Scaling Machine
   Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump
Environment Equipment
   Oily Water Separator
   Sewage Treatment Plant
Other Marine Supplies
   Marine Hardwares

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Company Introduction

Kunshan EMF Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional company provides Marine Safety Items and Environment Protection Equipments in according with IMO and SOLAS rules and regulations etc. Most of our products have achieved MED certification (Marine Equipment Directive of European Union) and SOLAS CCS (China Classification Society) certification.

Our main products are:

1. Firefighting Series: Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), Emergency Escape Breathing Device (EEBD), Firefighting Suit, Explosion proof lamp, Chemical suits, Fire Hoses, Fire Hose Couplings, Fire Hose Nozzle, Fire Hose Boxes, Fire Hydrant, Foam applicator, Fire Extinguisher and Fire Monitors etc.

2. Lifesaving Series: Immersion Suits, Lifejackets, Lifebuoy, Inflatable Life Raft, Lifejackets lights, Lifebuoy lights, Life raft lights, Signals etc.

3. Marine Outfitting: Pilot rope ladder and Embarkation rope ladder, Gangways, Personnel transfer net, Gangway net, Scramble Net, Sacrificial Anode etc.

4. Environment Series: Oil water separator, Sewage treatment machine etc.

Our company is located in Kunshan City, which is only 50km from Shanghai, has various international business advantages and convenient logistics conditions.

We are responsible for our contracted manufacturers' overseas marketing development, products exporting and customer service. Meanwhile, we provide service for sourcing products in China per client's requirement, optimizing purchasing solutions, co-researching and some other advantaged products.

Our team is made up by professional business personnel, product managers, product engineers and QA, all of them have rich experience in working join-venture multi-national companies in China. Our team will provide you quality service and a satisfied experience in outsourcing China.

Our company holds the operation benchmark at very high quality, high-efficient service, practical management, forward business concepts, and very competitive prices to provide faultless Supply Chain service to our clients.

In EMF, "Made in China" is not the pronoun of CHEAP, but an integration of good quality, practical, flexible and low cost. It will be one of the most important standards of EMF Global brand strategy and we will implement this into practice and pour new concept into this name.

We promise that we will provide you the high quality products with best prices. Our team will do our utmost to serve you and to guarantee the most competitive price for the products you purchase from us. Your satisfaction is our mission!

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